Saturday, November 7, 2009

Worth a Wait

Waiting for your eyes
to fall upon me
to look into my eyes and
interpret my mind
you will get to
know my grief

waiting to hear the words from your mouth
that would soothe my soul
that would turn me into a new man
that would clean up my mind from the broodings of
the past

waiting for your hands
to touch me
to take away my rues
and to melt me down into tears

A touch that would tidy up
my sinful heart
that would turn me into a saint

Listen my girl
you are worth the wait
hope it would change my fate!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We were asked to give feedback on our college life.The first word that came to my mind was "yuck"!
you would wonder why I'm so dejected to answer like that. Our college life was disgusting. Believe me! There are people whom we call as "friends" - whom we bank on all the time -whom we trust more than anyone. But we dont realise that they are those who get their things done by us - who come to us only when they need anything. Deceitful and cunning people!
This doesn't mean that i don't have any friends.I too have a few good friends.There are few creatures who pretend to be friends with everyone in a group say for instance a class.Their intention is to "socialize" and nothing else. They feign to be good to all and that seems so artificial. Pure ostentation! I despise this attitude very much..

What's the reason behind my moan? I should be specific at this point.It's someone who was my best pal during college days and now we're not even in touch. There were ample changes in "X" whose acts were unreal all of a sudden. X started behaving oddly, trying to socialize with almost everyone in the class.It seemed extremely weird for me.

The saddest thing i have ever done is that i wrote a poem for this X in the same old blog page.Ofcourse it's a matter of regret now!I hate this creature now. I have even decided not to
consider this X as a human being anymore..Now, you would understand why i used the word "creature" for reference while starting off.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


hey tree?
how can you
  stand on your own
   sans anyone!

    how lucky are you!
     to be alone 
    isolated from so called
      "the others"

   you might have had
   quite a few birds as
    your pals but do they still
         remain in your so called "mateship"?

    when you were rich
         with green leaves and fruits
             they all were banking upon you.
            But now, do you have anyone
        to care for you now?
      I guess NO!

          have you ever thought
           that they all would fly away
               leaving you alone one day?
            But,that's what happens!

        Never trust anyone
         people feign as friends
          they will care and they 
            won't be there when you 
          need them.
               never get attached to
                anyone.It wont last for certain
         live on your own
        Be independent
           and confident

            Being alone is 
            really a gift to
                do things on our own
                we can spend ample time 
                on things that we are 
                 interested in without 
                  the tamper of others.

                Introspection can be
                 made giving time to think
                  about our self offering
                  strength and determination
                a better personality
                                                                         before cremation!                                                         


Monday, March 2, 2009

Doleful Moments

well why do we listen to songs those evoke pain in our heart while we are depressed?
It's quite natural. It's like recalling the past and trowing what went wrong.
Break ups are quite common nowadays. They dont pertain only for  lovers.even, close friends can break apart.But, both hold the same kind of aftermaths.Human beings are blessed with a special power of getting over such heart breaking things with time. But, I still wonder whether i can ameliorate after sometime.

It keeps haunting me.Im feeling nostalgic and sad,grieving about the past.Im hurt.I don't think i can ever get whole bunch of care and affection from anyone anymore.It's like something has been taken from deep inside of me leaving me alone and desolate.I should not have got closer to a friend that i started expecting things which led me to face a sequel of dashing hopes.I couldn't stop thinking about the past. Atleast cherishing those wonderful memories can help me get better.I can't forget anything and those memories keep obsessing, making me sink in despair.

I used to download helluva sad songs hoping that they would help me sometime.And now it's the time to listen to such tracks.I normally dont focus on the lyrics much while listening to songs.Instead, used to concentrate deeply on the beats and the background.But, now im choosing songs with good lyrics to listen.And now it's the phase of rueful songs which have drawn my interest.Im listening to some selected songs again and again more than ten times a day.

very meaningful lyrics in a song makes me listen to it again and again!
"Flames to dust
  why do all good things 
 come to an end?"

I still wonder why do all  good things  end? I felt glad when i got something precious and now it has ended taking back my smile and glee. The most painful thing to do is to bid adieu to someone very close, someone you care for, someone like your sibling.Why did it happen to me?I didnt have strength in my  soul to say goodbye. The most distressing and hardest thing is to say goodbye to loved ones.Why i ve been put in sucha situation? well, its very tough for me not to think about the old memories which made me happy.I'm trying hard to forget everything, but i couldn't.Trying to keep myself occupied with something im interested in. Despite that, i couldn't stop thinking of the past.Even, tears are taking revenge on me.

This shouldn't happen to anyone.I started listening to "goodbye" songs and they make me feel better.hope, i ll get over it soon.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was on seventh heaven
when you made an entry
into my life
It all started with a song
thanks to Madge 
who played a part in
bringing us near

I still cherish those
wonderful moments
We shared together
can't forget anything

I was really glad
after a very long time
It was you who brought 
smile on my face
but it all lasted for
quite a few days

 I wondered how you
disproved my jinx
I thought how lucky i am
to get you
but, everything vanished
in a jiffy

It always happens to me
whenever i get close
to someone
it never lasts long
Im always left behind
alone and abandoned
is this a boon for me 
given by the almighty?

It's the most painful thing
one can ever talk about
It's the most pathetic thing 
one can ever do
It's the most distressing thing
one can ever experience

How easy it was
for you to say 
that disheartening word
It looks simple but has
a very complex meaning 
in it

My words seemed artificial
for you and 
you always suspected me
and acted quite rude
you hurt me ultimately
despite these
my love for you
has not dwindled even
a bit.

I never thought
you can be like this!
I never thought 
you will leave me alone
pushing me into the
world of grief, distress and despair

Thanks for being with me
sticking by me , guiding me
through the right path
i will never forget you

you will accomplish 
whatever you tend to
my prayers and good wishes
will always remain with you
forever and ever

None can ever get close to me
None can replace you
in my heart
None can take me back
from the domain of depression

All i want to say is
I miss you terribly
take care and be safe
stay happy with a
smile on your face!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Long distance relationship - unimaginable!

I never meant to hurt you
just spoke my heart open
was that wrong or
was that right?
was that too worse to hurt you?

am i cynic or is it you?
is being open too much for you?
i never knew!

did i spite you?
im sorry for being blunt
and forthright.
but when u think deep
you will find it right
whatever i said and
whatever i did

when i was down
you were there with me
but does it mean that
you are my world?

you are my dearest friend
and always will be
but nothing more
and no second thought

all that matters is
and indeed we never met!

i dont believe in 
long distance relationship
and thats the reason
for me keeping off from you

you will have a great life
if you find someone there
im sure you will get a 
guy better than me in all ways

may your life flourish
and your mind cherish
let all your dreams come true 
with my prayers and hugs!

Monday, February 9, 2009


i go hapless
  when im wingless
that makes me ruthless
 and eventually lifeless

doesnt make any sense
in my case

ooh!its the trace
that makes me chase

things coiled in a foil
brings tension and turmoil
hope shattered and spoilt
makes my blood boil

when i rise
up in the dawn
i surmise
my stress has gone

but it vanishes
in a jiffy
leaving my eyes

waking up to face
tonnes of issues at a pace
lacking in grace
alas! none to embrace
still finding my path
in excessive wrath
sunken in despair
drunken to retire

lost in zephyr
my heart seeks repair
healing power
will i get it ever?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Distress :-(

I cry
devoid of a reason
I sigh
all over the season

things change
over a period
minds same
remaining fagged

My woes
pricking in a fashion
din change
resting in a cushion

Love hurts
lacking in passion
life sucks
living in suspicion!

you made 
me to go bonker
i might
switch to a nagger

This sounds
saddest to the core and
I miss
people next my door and,

I feel
lonesome and boring
can't sleep
even with snoring!

Im alone
always on this earth 
None cares
for me in this world!

Not gonna
give a damn for anything!
not gonna 
mind a gram about anything!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hurray its 2009!!

                                          Hey babe...
                                                 shake your body 
                                                 Tap your feet
                                                  rock n roll
                                                 A year has born!

                                                 Its a year starting afresh
                                                 forget all your woes at a stretch
                                                 forgive all the people of wretch
                                                 and stop acting like a bitch!

                                                Never hurt Never hurt
                                                Never hurt a guy anymore
                                                wont stand he wont stand
                                                He wont stand to the core!

                                               We all look for "transformation"
                                               but u look for "Acquisition"
                                               Be realistic and materialistic
                                               and not voyueristic and dramatic!

                                               Let me peer
                                               whether you change this year
                                               dont be a liar
                                               will love you dear

                                              I still believe that
                                              you will repent 
                                              for all what you did
                                              and come to me kid!

                                              hoping for the best
                                              praying for the rest
                                              God keep you safe
                                             till we go on a date!