Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Uncouth incident

It's been a while since i penned down something on this page. But. today I thought I could write something that is  neither serious nor a funny incident. A friend and I went to take his cycle back from the repair shop.The cycle needed puncture fix and seat change. The workmen there had already fixed the punctured tyres and changed the seat in front of us. That hardly took five minutes. That came with a seat cover too. When we asked about the amount we ought to pay for the repairs, my friend got a little shocked. As they told, the seat costs 200 bucks and the cover is for 30 bucks and the puncture repairs add upto 20 bucks making a total of 250 bucks.When we questioned him about the hefty amount he is charging for the seat, he started on with his vernacular remarks aimed at us thinking that my friend wouldn't understand. Poor fellas didn't know that my friend knows a little tamil. One man among the three stood up and told that he should have charged more with the replacement of the valves but somehow he managed to repair the existing one. The other two were supporting him . Another friend was also waiting with us and the man diverted his attention to him thinking that he was another customer.When he came to know that the guy had also come with us, he made a remark " oru cycleku moonu peru kaaval huh!?!"(trans: three people waiting to get a cycle repaired?). That was quite sarcastic.My friend paid the money unwillingly and we were about to leave the place. The lock wasn't proper and we tried to open it. Another man among the barabaric specimens(referring to the workmen) said "anna lockum seri panni kuduthudinga".(Translation: bro repair the lock also) The rude one among the three replied " idhukey ivlo yosikraanga. innum lock ellam seri panni kudutha, avanuku nenju valiye vandhudum"(Trans: For this itself he is thinking soo much, if I repair the lock and add onto the bill he will get a heart attack!) How uncouth the people here are!! Making fun of someone who just asked about the individual split up of the rates and that too in a language that he doesn't know. Shame on them to behave in an uncivilized way.