Friday, January 18, 2013

Death calls her!

She was everything mom ever had
and she became the only thing she had
Now that she is gone
Who will my mom bank upon

She was sweet soft and gentle
like all the other grannies
she was patient, kind and subtle 
without enough pennies

She was all normal 
until death came her way
Her soul left her in peace
while she was asleep

oh how blessed was she
To die in peace
without troubling people
she reached lord's feet.

She was old and weak
yet humane and nice
she was poor and meek
yet generous and wise

weep not for the dead
read a discourse note 
that does hinder the soul
from entering the heaven at all !

Tears didn't touch the ground
As I didn't want to mourn
All I do is pray
oh depart in peace,you soul!

Miss you granny
as much mom does
Give her strength 
to bear the pain.
sleep in peace
sleep in peace

Oh yeah ! 
Grannies are special
as told by a pal
she would always stay
in everyone's heart , I pray

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have become a dormant writer lately and certainly there float some regrets.when I look back into the past, I could see how earnest I was, in general . Let alone writing, I would have that urge in me to keep posting something onto my blog page. But, I have become so passive as an individual in the things that I have always loved to do. There had been a transformation I would say, that I have gone through which according to me is real bad.I sometimes feel that I have never been like this before. I'm totally uninterested in the things that I was keenly associated with. I was sentimental, sympathetic and kind and now, I think I'm devoid of all these qualities that were my possessions earlier.Perhaps,it is good in a way to be non sentimental and unemotional.The devotion and sincerity which were aiding me in the past, have gone missing. When I introspect more, I could see that I have become worse at almost everything I was good at. Blame it on the environment, I'm put up in. I don't live there anymore.There is so much of content in everything now. I have started settling for pennies, when I ought to earn millions in all aspects.It's high time, I got to change.Getting back the old me, is tough I know. But I should somehow change ASAP.

P.S: Written with frustration and egoism.

I have been aiming to pen down a happy post, but somehow, it's never happening. Perhaps,I will write something gleeful next time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Uncouth incident

It's been a while since i penned down something on this page. But. today I thought I could write something that is  neither serious nor a funny incident. A friend and I went to take his cycle back from the repair shop.The cycle needed puncture fix and seat change. The workmen there had already fixed the punctured tyres and changed the seat in front of us. That hardly took five minutes. That came with a seat cover too. When we asked about the amount we ought to pay for the repairs, my friend got a little shocked. As they told, the seat costs 200 bucks and the cover is for 30 bucks and the puncture repairs add upto 20 bucks making a total of 250 bucks.When we questioned him about the hefty amount he is charging for the seat, he started on with his vernacular remarks aimed at us thinking that my friend wouldn't understand. Poor fellas didn't know that my friend knows a little tamil. One man among the three stood up and told that he should have charged more with the replacement of the valves but somehow he managed to repair the existing one. The other two were supporting him . Another friend was also waiting with us and the man diverted his attention to him thinking that he was another customer.When he came to know that the guy had also come with us, he made a remark " oru cycleku moonu peru kaaval huh!?!"(trans: three people waiting to get a cycle repaired?). That was quite sarcastic.My friend paid the money unwillingly and we were about to leave the place. The lock wasn't proper and we tried to open it. Another man among the barabaric specimens(referring to the workmen) said "anna lockum seri panni kuduthudinga".(Translation: bro repair the lock also) The rude one among the three replied " idhukey ivlo yosikraanga. innum lock ellam seri panni kudutha, avanuku nenju valiye vandhudum"(Trans: For this itself he is thinking soo much, if I repair the lock and add onto the bill he will get a heart attack!) How uncouth the people here are!! Making fun of someone who just asked about the individual split up of the rates and that too in a language that he doesn't know. Shame on them to behave in an uncivilized way.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Break Up

Well, It's been ages since i posted something on this blogspot. 
A short prelude about this post.. Everyone would have fallen in love at some point of time in his/her life.. Let's get on to see how a guy laments after he breaks up with his girl .. :P

There was a time, when I had someone who always thought about me.. someone who cared for me like anything. someone who stood by me through all my hardships. Someone whom i loved to be with all the time..
But, that didn't last for long. She was affable, seraphic,graceful and a perfect 'Apsaras'. She was everything for me then. I was clueless on what went wrong. She started keeping off from me. This made me think that someone else has made his foray into her life. When asked about that, She was keeping mum. One fine day, She said that she was in a relationship with the other guy. Gosh! how hard her heart is?. How could she do that to me. How easy it was for her to get in and get out piercing my heart twice.well, Girls are used to doing things similar to this. 

And how could she say that she can't leave both of us?!? Perhaps, she would have thought that i would accept that.. Well, can anyone who was head over heels in love with someone accept that?And we broke up..It was I who called it off. Nevertheless, She was interested in me. She has caused an unbearable pain in my heart. We guys are really magnanimous to forgive such girls despite the fact that they are real bitches. 

People say 'Time heals'.. I don't agree to it completely. As one gets busy,doing something of his interest, there wouldn't be any time to think of the past. There would be no room for 'Nostalgia' in One's life then.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Worth a Wait

Waiting for your eyes
to fall upon me
to look into my eyes and
interpret my mind
you will get to
know my grief

waiting to hear the words from your mouth
that would soothe my soul
that would turn me into a new man
that would clean up my mind from the broodings of
the past

waiting for your hands
to touch me
to take away my rues
and to melt me down into tears

A touch that would tidy up
my sinful heart
that would turn me into a saint

Listen my girl
you are worth the wait
hope it would change my fate!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We were asked to give feedback on our college life.The first word that came to my mind was "yuck"!
you would wonder why I'm so dejected to answer like that. Our college life was disgusting. Believe me! There are people whom we call as "friends" - whom we bank on all the time -whom we trust more than anyone. But we dont realise that they are those who get their things done by us - who come to us only when they need anything. Deceitful and cunning people!
This doesn't mean that i don't have any friends.I too have a few good friends.There are few creatures who pretend to be friends with everyone in a group say for instance a class.Their intention is to "socialize" and nothing else. They feign to be good to all and that seems so artificial. Pure ostentation! I despise this attitude very much..

What's the reason behind my moan? I should be specific at this point.It's someone who was my best pal during college days and now we're not even in touch. There were ample changes in "X" whose acts were unreal all of a sudden. X started behaving oddly, trying to socialize with almost everyone in the class.It seemed extremely weird for me.

The saddest thing i have ever done is that i wrote a poem for this X in the same old blog page.Ofcourse it's a matter of regret now!I hate this creature now. I have even decided not to
consider this X as a human being anymore..Now, you would understand why i used the word "creature" for reference while starting off.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


hey tree?
how can you
  stand on your own
   sans anyone!

    how lucky are you!
     to be alone 
    isolated from so called
      "the others"

   you might have had
   quite a few birds as
    your pals but do they still
         remain in your so called "mateship"?

    when you were rich
         with green leaves and fruits
             they all were banking upon you.
            But now, do you have anyone
        to care for you now?
      I guess NO!

          have you ever thought
           that they all would fly away
               leaving you alone one day?
            But,that's what happens!

        Never trust anyone
         people feign as friends
          they will care and they 
            won't be there when you 
          need them.
               never get attached to
                anyone.It wont last for certain
         live on your own
        Be independent
           and confident

            Being alone is 
            really a gift to
                do things on our own
                we can spend ample time 
                on things that we are 
                 interested in without 
                  the tamper of others.

                Introspection can be
                 made giving time to think
                  about our self offering
                  strength and determination
                a better personality
                                                                         before cremation!