Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Break Up

Well, It's been ages since i posted something on this blogspot. 
A short prelude about this post.. Everyone would have fallen in love at some point of time in his/her life.. Let's get on to see how a guy laments after he breaks up with his girl .. :P

There was a time, when I had someone who always thought about me.. someone who cared for me like anything. someone who stood by me through all my hardships. Someone whom i loved to be with all the time..
But, that didn't last for long. She was affable, seraphic,graceful and a perfect 'Apsaras'. She was everything for me then. I was clueless on what went wrong. She started keeping off from me. This made me think that someone else has made his foray into her life. When asked about that, She was keeping mum. One fine day, She said that she was in a relationship with the other guy. Gosh! how hard her heart is?. How could she do that to me. How easy it was for her to get in and get out piercing my heart twice.well, Girls are used to doing things similar to this. 

And how could she say that she can't leave both of us?!? Perhaps, she would have thought that i would accept that.. Well, No.how can anyone who was head over heels in love with someone accept that?And we broke up..It was I who called it off. Nevertheless, She was interested in me. She has caused an unbearable pain in my heart. We guys are really magnanimous to forgive such girls despite the fact that they are real bitches. 

People say 'Time heals'.. I don't agree to it completely. As one gets busy,doing something of his interest, there wouldn't be any time to think of the past. There would be no room for 'Nostalgia' in One's life then.

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