Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i gave a priceless thing to ma fren he was in need of that for the was really a treasure(4 me)...and i got that thing from ma old gal fren..i mean ma old was durin 2003-2004..

चलते मेरे ये गीत याद रखना
कभी अलविदा ना कहना
रोते हँसते बस यूं ही तुम गुनगुनाते रहना
कभी अलविदा न कहना
प्यार करते करते हम तुम खो जायेंगे

इन ही बहारों के आँचल में थक के सो जायेंगे
सपनों को फिर भी तुम यूं ही सजाते रहना
कभी अलविदा ना कहना...

and it was the same time wen chalte chalte film got released!! i like this song a lottt..and wenever, i think of her, this song flows out from ma mouth..i don know d reason and all...
i really enjoyed ma 11th and 12 th std. wid her..she s pretty,eye catching ..more over, she s an eye candy..many of our skool boys were seein her..she knew that..but, she din take them seriously..and, to b frank, i was one among dem..ha ha..and, as i expected, v bcame close..nein nein closer frens..she used 2 gimme lift in her scooty!!honestly, i din know how 2 drive/ride even a gearless bike/scooter.or .watever u, i will b sittin behind her in her scooty...i never felt shy durin that time, b cos she was so close to me..this resumed till ma 12th std no, even durin ma entrance coaching, she used 2 drop me at ma home..v were so close..v were not only frens..but sumthin more than that..and i cannot say that it was "love" as i was very young..could n make rapid decisions..but sumthin was between her and me..

and, it all lasted till ma ent.coaching..after that, v both got separated.. :((((((((((..she was really cute..but i don know, how she wud b lookin now..ha ha..

and ma fren lost it sum where!!! i mean that precious thing!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh..i could n bear it wen he said this.. :((( was like, sum thin very valuable was taken away from me..i felt bare handed..sum thin in me was missing..
and the thing was none other than a microtip pencil which s of d color "pink"..i loved d pencil more than her..i was havin that 4 nearly 4 yrs..and all of a sudden, it vanished sumwhr..:((( very sad..sum one help me 2 find ma pencil..m havin it still in memory of her..wenever i use that pencil, i do feel that, she s wid me(near me)..i miss that thing terribly..:((