Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have become a dormant writer lately and certainly there float some regrets.when I look back into the past, I could see how earnest I was, in general . Let alone writing, I would have that urge in me to keep posting something onto my blog page. But, I have become so passive as an individual in the things that I have always loved to do. There had been a transformation I would say, that I have gone through which according to me is real bad.I sometimes feel that I have never been like this before. I'm totally uninterested in the things that I was keenly associated with. I was sentimental, sympathetic and kind and now, I think I'm devoid of all these qualities that were my possessions earlier.Perhaps,it is good in a way to be non sentimental and unemotional.The devotion and sincerity which were aiding me in the past, have gone missing. When I introspect more, I could see that I have become worse at almost everything I was good at. Blame it on the environment, I'm put up in. I don't live there anymore.There is so much of content in everything now. I have started settling for pennies, when I ought to earn millions in all aspects.It's high time, I got to change.Getting back the old me, is tough I know. But I should somehow change ASAP.

P.S: Written with frustration and egoism.

I have been aiming to pen down a happy post, but somehow, it's never happening. Perhaps,I will write something gleeful next time.

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