Friday, January 18, 2013

Death calls her!

She was everything mom ever had
and she became the only thing she had
Now that she is gone
Who will my mom bank upon

She was sweet soft and gentle
like all the other grannies
she was patient, kind and subtle 
without enough pennies

She was all normal 
until death came her way
Her soul left her in peace
while she was asleep

oh how blessed was she
To die in peace
without troubling people
she reached lord's feet.

She was old and weak
yet humane and nice
she was poor and meek
yet generous and wise

weep not for the dead
read a discourse note 
that does hinder the soul
from entering the heaven at all !

Tears didn't touch the ground
As I didn't want to mourn
All I do is pray
oh depart in peace,you soul!

Miss you granny
as much mom does
Give her strength 
to bear the pain.
sleep in peace
sleep in peace

Oh yeah ! 
Grannies are special
as told by a pal
she would always stay
in everyone's heart , I pray


Aditya Sundararajan said...

It reminded me of my paternal grandma :'(

Touching lines, makes one sympathize with you.

Ajay Mathew said...

this is so moving! :'(