Wednesday, March 11, 2009


hey tree?
how can you
  stand on your own
   sans anyone!

    how lucky are you!
     to be alone 
    isolated from so called
      "the others"

   you might have had
   quite a few birds as
    your pals but do they still
         remain in your so called "mateship"?

    when you were rich
         with green leaves and fruits
             they all were banking upon you.
            But now, do you have anyone
        to care for you now?
      I guess NO!

          have you ever thought
           that they all would fly away
               leaving you alone one day?
            But,that's what happens!

        Never trust anyone
         people feign as friends
          they will care and they 
            won't be there when you 
          need them.
               never get attached to
                anyone.It wont last for certain
         live on your own
        Be independent
           and confident

            Being alone is 
            really a gift to
                do things on our own
                we can spend ample time 
                on things that we are 
                 interested in without 
                  the tamper of others.

                Introspection can be
                 made giving time to think
                  about our self offering
                  strength and determination
                a better personality
                                                                         before cremation!                                                         



Neeru said...

I can understand what could have triggered this post. >:D< :* Love you loads, baby.
Do remember that some birds do build their nests on the very same tree. :) They trust the tree so much that they entrust the tree with their lives, their homes. So... You know what I'm trying to say! :)
Lovely write, overall!

renold said...

love ya too neeru!
:) hug

DeEpAk said...

Oh.. So there is a story behind this huh?? Hmmm let me knw someday.. But one thing is sure dude.. Being on ur own is such an Awesome thing.. Dont trust someone too much.. It always hurts..

And it ws a nice write as Neeru has said.. hi 5..!! :)

renold said...

hey thanks a tonne Deepak..yeah sure ll tell u someday!