Monday, March 2, 2009

Doleful Moments

well why do we listen to songs those evoke pain in our heart while we are depressed?
It's quite natural. It's like recalling the past and trowing what went wrong.
Break ups are quite common nowadays. They dont pertain only for  lovers.even, close friends can break apart.But, both hold the same kind of aftermaths.Human beings are blessed with a special power of getting over such heart breaking things with time. But, I still wonder whether i can ameliorate after sometime.

It keeps haunting me.Im feeling nostalgic and sad,grieving about the past.Im hurt.I don't think i can ever get whole bunch of care and affection from anyone anymore.It's like something has been taken from deep inside of me leaving me alone and desolate.I should not have got closer to a friend that i started expecting things which led me to face a sequel of dashing hopes.I couldn't stop thinking about the past. Atleast cherishing those wonderful memories can help me get better.I can't forget anything and those memories keep obsessing, making me sink in despair.

I used to download helluva sad songs hoping that they would help me sometime.And now it's the time to listen to such tracks.I normally dont focus on the lyrics much while listening to songs.Instead, used to concentrate deeply on the beats and the background.But, now im choosing songs with good lyrics to listen.And now it's the phase of rueful songs which have drawn my interest.Im listening to some selected songs again and again more than ten times a day.

very meaningful lyrics in a song makes me listen to it again and again!
"Flames to dust
  why do all good things 
 come to an end?"

I still wonder why do all  good things  end? I felt glad when i got something precious and now it has ended taking back my smile and glee. The most painful thing to do is to bid adieu to someone very close, someone you care for, someone like your sibling.Why did it happen to me?I didnt have strength in my  soul to say goodbye. The most distressing and hardest thing is to say goodbye to loved ones.Why i ve been put in sucha situation? well, its very tough for me not to think about the old memories which made me happy.I'm trying hard to forget everything, but i couldn't.Trying to keep myself occupied with something im interested in. Despite that, i couldn't stop thinking of the past.Even, tears are taking revenge on me.

This shouldn't happen to anyone.I started listening to "goodbye" songs and they make me feel better.hope, i ll get over it soon.


Neeru said...

You will, darling. You most definitely will. We'll be around to bring you out of your misery!

renold said...

thanq neeru

DeEpAk said...

I dunno what to say here.. I dunno the story behind this.. But here is a hug Reno.. :) There are people who do care abt you.. So jus don brood over the past.. Leave it behind and Move on..

One thing i say to maself always...
"You hav not faced anything yet, the worst is yet to come.."
if you hav this feeling i guess you wont feel dis way again.. :)

renold said...

hey thats a sweet and meaningful adage da..thanq..:)..yeah sure..m recuperating.
thanks a lot deepak

sandoz said...

renold.. i would say at least stop worrying about the past.. you ll miss the present.. a single relationship is not whole life!! with time you would understand that..

renold said...

well thanks na..

Anonymous said...

Well, Its almost the end of this yr,I'm checking out this post of yours. I don't really understand why you pamper your little heart with the bad moments of your life. But I'm sure you are pretty Good now. Happy to see that you are cheerful as far as I know!
"Love yourself", "You are the best" and ppl will be behind you for your attention. I bet on that!! :)

P.S:I would like to see a nice happy post 4m your end.