Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was on seventh heaven
when you made an entry
into my life
It all started with a song
thanks to Madge 
who played a part in
bringing us near

I still cherish those
wonderful moments
We shared together
can't forget anything

I was really glad
after a very long time
It was you who brought 
smile on my face
but it all lasted for
quite a few days

 I wondered how you
disproved my jinx
I thought how lucky i am
to get you
but, everything vanished
in a jiffy

It always happens to me
whenever i get close
to someone
it never lasts long
Im always left behind
alone and abandoned
is this a boon for me 
given by the almighty?

It's the most painful thing
one can ever talk about
It's the most pathetic thing 
one can ever do
It's the most distressing thing
one can ever experience

How easy it was
for you to say 
that disheartening word
It looks simple but has
a very complex meaning 
in it

My words seemed artificial
for you and 
you always suspected me
and acted quite rude
you hurt me ultimately
despite these
my love for you
has not dwindled even
a bit.

I never thought
you can be like this!
I never thought 
you will leave me alone
pushing me into the
world of grief, distress and despair

Thanks for being with me
sticking by me , guiding me
through the right path
i will never forget you

you will accomplish 
whatever you tend to
my prayers and good wishes
will always remain with you
forever and ever

None can ever get close to me
None can replace you
in my heart
None can take me back
from the domain of depression

All i want to say is
I miss you terribly
take care and be safe
stay happy with a
smile on your face!


Neeru said...

Awww... Things will be alright, honey. Now, give me one of your sunshine-smiles!

renold said...

see im smiling!!

DeEpAk said...

This is nice but you could hav put it in a more poetic way.. Like rhyming.. But seems this is straight from ur heart... So good job..!!