Saturday, February 14, 2009

Long distance relationship - unimaginable!

I never meant to hurt you
just spoke my heart open
was that wrong or
was that right?
was that too worse to hurt you?

am i cynic or is it you?
is being open too much for you?
i never knew!

did i spite you?
im sorry for being blunt
and forthright.
but when u think deep
you will find it right
whatever i said and
whatever i did

when i was down
you were there with me
but does it mean that
you are my world?

you are my dearest friend
and always will be
but nothing more
and no second thought

all that matters is
and indeed we never met!

i dont believe in 
long distance relationship
and thats the reason
for me keeping off from you

you will have a great life
if you find someone there
im sure you will get a 
guy better than me in all ways

may your life flourish
and your mind cherish
let all your dreams come true 
with my prayers and hugs!


aki said...

you are a sweet guy.. lucky friend.. too bad the distance seems long... good work reno.. simple and straight

renold said...

hey thanx aki
i wrote it like a song!

Neeru said...

lovely... song! :)

renold said...

:) thanq neerz