Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We were asked to give feedback on our college life.The first word that came to my mind was "yuck"!
you would wonder why I'm so dejected to answer like that. Our college life was disgusting. Believe me! There are people whom we call as "friends" - whom we bank on all the time -whom we trust more than anyone. But we dont realise that they are those who get their things done by us - who come to us only when they need anything. Deceitful and cunning people!
This doesn't mean that i don't have any friends.I too have a few good friends.There are few creatures who pretend to be friends with everyone in a group say for instance a class.Their intention is to "socialize" and nothing else. They feign to be good to all and that seems so artificial. Pure ostentation! I despise this attitude very much..

What's the reason behind my moan? I should be specific at this point.It's someone who was my best pal during college days and now we're not even in touch. There were ample changes in "X" whose acts were unreal all of a sudden. X started behaving oddly, trying to socialize with almost everyone in the class.It seemed extremely weird for me.

The saddest thing i have ever done is that i wrote a poem for this X in the same old blog page.Ofcourse it's a matter of regret now!I hate this creature now. I have even decided not to
consider this X as a human being anymore..Now, you would understand why i used the word "creature" for reference while starting off.


Aki..... said...

ha ha ha ha. ROFL. You worry bout wasting your time with a blog entry but you have done the same thing again by writing about this so called mr. X. :P

cheer up. bro. you;ll meet new people

Neeru said...

:) We all need to get a life.

renold said...

@ aki..hope ll get a new gang ! :)
@ neeru: ya neeru, sirichu sirichu vayiru ellam valikudhu!
:D :D
are v dummies then?? he he
all i can say is "look who's telling that!"

Anonymous said...

Oops.. I would have felt bad if this was the first blog I read. (Mr.X.. alright, i will try to figure out who it is :D :P too much I guess). hehe.. Okies, by this time you would have already found new set of friends right! stay happy Renold.

renold said...

yup Ramya..I have got cool ppl around..and M happy now :D
Thanks for ur comment !