Sunday, January 25, 2009

Distress :-(

I cry
devoid of a reason
I sigh
all over the season

things change
over a period
minds same
remaining fagged

My woes
pricking in a fashion
din change
resting in a cushion

Love hurts
lacking in passion
life sucks
living in suspicion!

you made 
me to go bonker
i might
switch to a nagger

This sounds
saddest to the core and
I miss
people next my door and,

I feel
lonesome and boring
can't sleep
even with snoring!

Im alone
always on this earth 
None cares
for me in this world!

Not gonna
give a damn for anything!
not gonna 
mind a gram about anything!


Aki..... said...

hey.. wow... you are getting better and better... super da.. it so sad.. straight forward.. nice

renold said...

hey thanks aki..:)

vinoth said...

hey why ur so depressed da..
very true lines !

Neeru said...

Awww... Touches my heart! So sweetly sad.