Wednesday, August 13, 2008


well to start with, MS.BALI , the evergreen legend of bollywood till date, she is the most alluring and beautiful actress ever. she is the killer to so many people like me even today! she made her debut in "vazhkai" by AVM productions at the age of 15 in 1950. she got a break in hindi movies with "ladki" and "nagin" in 1954.
some of her renowned works include

ganga jamuna
naya daur
The first two of those four roles earned her filmfare best actress award.
amra pali,(the buddhist courtesan)
jewel thief
new delhi
were some of her great memorable films!
ms.Bali was married to DR.chamanlal bali who was the family physician for actor raj kapoor..and she was a former MP too. :)
and one crucial thing to mention over here s tat she is a great great classical dancer.she is exceptionally skilled in classical dancing. A dextrous dancer!.and she s the most favourite dancer of madhuri dixit!..:)
she s still performing for some shows in music academy during new year's eve every year.m craving to see her dance atleast once in my life time.
long live ms.bali. already she is 72!
he he...:))


Lalitha said...

Reno always ROCKZZZZZ

renold said...

thx lalitha

Aki..... said...

hey.. cooool.... very informative da... never knew about her.. atleast now i know she exists... eeee.. but you dint ve to kannu vechify on her age you know...!

renold said...

hey aki..she s my favourite!
but she s a granny!..:(

sharmi said...

hey i too like her... so graceful dancer... i started likin her wen i saw vanji kottai valiban... especially raja magal song... too beautiful...

renold said...

ya sharmi
she s a wonderful dancer and actor!