Wednesday, July 23, 2008

renold on seventh heaven!

It was a fun filled day!
in a special way :)
jollied along in untrodden ways
and was great among my past birthdays!

quite different
from all other days!
guess its cool
in its own way!

hurray aww alas !!
my outcry goes like this
amorous great quixotic
my heart pounds like this!

 hope, it goes on
well like this
and within my next b'day
let me find my fille
caring and loving with
a benevolent heart like a bliss!



Aki..... said...

man !!!!(a newly turned one at that) you are gettin better and better at this.... very cute... :)

renold said...

thx aki

Neeraja said...

:) Cute. I'm speechless, baby. And extremely proud of you!

renold said...

hey neeru sweet heart!
thx a lott:)

sharmi said...

hey great yaar... thats y learnin hindi ah... kd bro...

renold said...

hey no no sharmi!
he he