Friday, June 20, 2008

A thing to remember!

After a long time
my fren called me!
we were so close before
but lost touch abruptly
and it was so nice
to hear from him again!

im on cloud nine:)
im on seventh heaven!
its a bliss
oops i do miss

close to my heart
ma friend is!
close to my soul
ma friend is!

am happy as ever and
sweet as never!
m full of high spirits
m full of high spirits!

gonna meet ma fren one day
its gonna b fun day
ma heart and mind are full of joy
and wish tat it lasts for ever and ever!


Aki..... said...

hey... wow.. you started this style too..... cute.. very cute.. write more of them.. :)

Neeraja said...

:) Quite a childish work. Kind of innocent, like it's written by a school kid. This only makes your work more... original. Kind of fresh. Lovely, I liked it! By the way, is this the friend you usually WORSHIP? :P

renold said...

hey aki and neeru
thx a lot for ur comments
they were cool!
keep supporting and encouraging me

Guru The Lion said...

gethu da thala..
u always rockk.. :)
:) :)

renold said...

hey guru:)
thx da

sharmi said...

hey cute da... itz really nice...:-)

renold said...

thx sharmi


renold is a grt guy..!
he has many talents in him..!
and a spl one is..,he had good ability in writin poetry..!

grt to have u as my frnd da..!

all the best for a bright future..!


renold said...

thx da