Friday, May 23, 2008


well, i thought of sharing my views abt a film that i watched very recently.. rather, i can describe this post as "review" of the movie... the movie s"baabul" which was released in the year 2006.. it was one of d movies which affected me emotionally. the film s entirely about "widow remarriage" was picturised in a very nice way..and i have to mention here tat m a die hard fan of "ms.mukherjee".. her role was jus fantastic..she has played her part well.. pitiful thing s the inauspicious death of salman khan( rani's hubby) was so sad.. john abraham s part was very decent. his role was quite gud.. and above all, amitabh's dialogues were just touching..making our hearts melt! hema malini, a very affectionate mom..her looks were like, she was still she appeared in "chachha bathija" and other films of that 70's.. sarika(kamal's wife) was given a guest role.. eventually, the film was gr8..its a gud feast for persons excessively affected by emotions! good film!


Neeraja said...

aha, thats a nice review. but mr. reviewer, r u sure ur views on this film aren't biased? in other words, r u sure ur ideas aren't clouded by ur likin for ms. mukherjee? :)

sharmi said...

oh oh... i too feel like seein it once... u write reviews too ah... keep goin...:-)

renold said...

yup:)u ve see it atleast once sharmi
nice movie
ya..thx :)